A traditional Cantonese festive dish packed with luxurious delicacies such as roast duck, conpoy and fresh prawns. Create this easy one-pot dish for you and your family to feast on during this Chinese New Year. 

  • 30min

    prep time

  • 80min

    cook time

  • 15




Nutrition information (per serving)


  • Soak Conpoy and Dried shitake mushroom in hot water for 15-20 mins or till it softens. Cut & chop the remaining ingredients - white radish, Napa cabbage, roast pork, roast duck and steamed chicken.

  • Lay white radish in a pot filled with chicken stock and let it boil & simmer for 30 – 40mins.

  • Using a big claypot, add Napa cabbage as the base. Place the remaining ingredients in a clockwise direction. Sprinkle McCormick® Garlic powder & Onion powder, pour in chicken stock, season with McCormick® Sea Salt Grinder and taste.

  • Cover the claypot with a lid and let it stew for 30 – 40mins or till all ingredients are cooked.

  • Once cooked, sprinkle some of McCormick® Ground White Pepper and its ready to be served.