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McCormick® Raspberry Extract

America's favorite extract brand; made with 100% premium ingredients. Add a perfectly balanced fruity-floral flavor to your favorite cakes, brownies and bars. Stir 2 tsp into 1 quart prepared iced tea.

Usage Tips

• No artificial flavors and no artificial dyes
• Non-GMO, gluten-free, no corn syrup
• Juicy, floral raspberry flavor
• Add it to iced tea for sweet, fruity flavor
• Mix into recipes for baked goods and frosting


Raspberry Iced Tea: Stir 2 teaspoons Extract into 1 quart prepared iced tea.

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Full Ingredients

Alcohol, Water, Natural Flavor (Including Raspberry Extract), & Citric Acid.

Nutrition information (per serving)

This product has no significant nutritional value.

Where To Buy

This product is not currently available in Singapore