Garlic Pepper Fish and Chips

A beloved classic dish that showcases crispy, golden-brown battered fish fillets paired with perfectly fried, thick-cut potato fries. Try to make your fish and chips with McCormick Herbs and Spice, from seasoning fish to making tartar sauce.

  • 30min

    cook time

  • 16




Nutrition information (per serving)


  • In a mixing bowl, add all ingredients under tartar sauce and mix well.

  • Cut fish into strips and lay them on a baking tray.

  • Season fish with McCormick Sea Salt Grinder and leave it to rest for about 10 minutes for moisture to release.

  • In a mixing bowl, add in dry ingredients and mix evenly. Add soda and mix well.

  • Dip fish strips into a bowl of plain flour, coating evenly.

  • Dip fish into wet batter and straight into a deep fryer.

  • Deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Set on a tray and season with McCormick Garlic Pepper Seasoning immediately.

  • Serve with tartar sauce and fries.